So apparently since becoming a Keith fan  

I apparently think I know something about drug use, because in my poetry workshop people were talking about heroin and I was like “that’s totally not what it would be like” like I knew or something, and then someone wrote a poem about a spoon and I was like “maybe you should talk about spoons in drug use! :)” and then I was like “wait what’s happening O_O” and then I felt really dumb.

and we workshopped the poem I wrote the other day that was based off Mick and Keith but I only called them ‘the singer’ and ‘the guitarist’ and people immediately thought they were in a relationship, even though the only time they really interact is when the singer calls the guitarist’s name.  I don’t get it.  They also thought the singer acted really feminine :/

  1. neverlandslady said: I know what you mean though-but lets be realistic -Keith gave a blue print of drugs,their uses and how to use them and NOT DIE in his book. So we got a good chorus for someone who has never used.
  2. corkscrewtomyheart said: Really feminine, oh my god! HOW DID THEY KNOW?
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